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Mike Martz Fired After 1 Season With 49ers
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 30th 2008 7:00PM by Adam Gretz (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, NFL CoachingJust two days after Mike Singletary was handed a new contract to stay on as the 49ers’ head coach, he has already cut ties with offensive coordinator Mike Martz, firing him after just one season in San Francisco. The initial reports following Singletary’s hiring were that he would have the power to choose his assistant coaches. Despite this, a report from Jay Glazer of FOX Sports seemed to indicate that he was urged to go in another direction in regards to the offensive coordinator position, which seems to contradict his ability to pick and choose coaches.

Bottom line: Martz is no longer with the 49ers. During his one year with the team, the offense improved from the absolute worst in the league in 2007, to somewhat mediocre in 2008. His biggest failing was probably his loyalty to journeyman backup quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan, and, allegedly, creating ways to keep him on the field. Once O’Sullivan played his way out of the starting job, Shaun Hill proved he was the best option on the roster.

As for Martz, here’s what he had to say on the move, from Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat:”He wants to run the ball,” Martz said in a phone interview from his office. “I’m not what he’s looking for on offense. That’s his business.”Continue Reading

Mike Singletary Will Return as 49ers Head Coach in 2009 … and Beyond
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 28th 2008 11:15PM by Adam Gretz (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, NFC West, NFL Coaching
Thanks to a 39-yard Joe Nedney field goal as time expired, the 49ers closed out their season with a 27-24 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon. With the victory, San Francisco ends the season with a 7-9 mark, which was capped off with a 5-4 run under interim head coach Mike Singletary.

After some speculation earlier in the week that Singletary would be remaining with the team in 2009, the 49ers confirmed it following Sunday’s win, and signed Singletary to a four-year, $10 million contract, as reported by Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat.

49ers president Jed York on the signing: “This is the last time our season ends in December.”

You know, as long as the 49ers play in the NFC West, he might be right. I mean, just look at that division this season, and ask yourself if it’s likely to get any better next season. Is it entirely out of the question for this team to enter 2009 as a legitimate contender for the division title? I mean, they only finished two games out this season despite the 2-5 hole Mike Nolan and J.T. O’Sullivan helped them dig over the first seven weeks.Continue Reading

Here’s a Thought: Maybe 49ers Should Try to Hire Norv Turner to Replace Mike Martz
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 26th 2008 10:30AM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, Chargers, AFC West, NFC West, NFL Fans, NFL Coaching, NFL RumorsOn Wednesday, Gretz mentioned that the 49ers were giving Mike Singletary an early Christmas gift: the head coaching gig for next season.

The club canned Mike Nolan after a 2-5 start, but the team has been 5-4 since. And next year, Singletary will have the pleasure of trying to win football games without offensive coordinator Mike Martz sabotaging everything. This comes as shocking news to, well, nobody, really. Not even J.T. O’Sullivan.

With Martz one-and-done in San Francisco, who should take over the play-calling duties? The ’s Gwen Knapp has a suggestion: If, however, [Norv] Turner is available and Singletary is interested, nothing should get in their way. When Turner left San Francisco two years ago, he put the 49ers in a terrible position. The 49ers had already responded to the Cowboys’ interest in Turner by promising to pay him a salary commensurate with his status as the coordinator who had given the breath of life to a moribund offense. Then San Diego came along with a late offer, and Turner went, taking the 49ers’ future with him. For all the knocks on Turner the head coach, he’s the anti-Ron when it comes to coordinating up an offense. Norv had a lot to do with Alex Smith’s progress in 2006, and before that, he was a coordinator for the Dolphins, Chargers and Cowboys. And in virtually every stop, he was successful. There’s no reason to think he wouldn’t be able to revitalize the 49ers’ moribund offense, particularly if you think Shaun Hill is a more viable option than Smith.

Of course, there’s the little issue of Turner still having a job.Continue Reading

Mike Singletary Has a Plan for the 49ers, and It Doesn’t Involve Mike Martz
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 24th 2008 3:10PM by Adam Gretz (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, NFL Coaching
On Sunday, the mustache-wearing 49ers will close out their regular season against the Washington Redskins, with the hope of finishing the season on a hot-streak. If they should pull out the win at home, the 49ers will close the season on a 5-4 run under interim head coach Mike Singletary, after starting the season 2-5 under Mike Nolan. If only Nolan would have inspired his team by dropping his pants once or twice, the season may have gone a different direction. Or perhaps not.

Regardless, there seems to be plenty of good news for Singletary, as Matt Barrows of the points out that the team may be ready to name him its head coach, removing that pesky interim tag, as soon as Sunday’s game with Washington ends. The thinking is, according to Barrows, that if a number of teams fire their current head coaches, Singletary could be a wanted man, and the 49ers don’t want to let that happen.

Barrows also reports that Singletary met with the top brass in the San Francisco organization this week, and laid out his blueprint for returning the 49ers to relevance in the NFL. A blueprint that does not include offensive coordinator Mike Martz.Continue Reading

49ers Hoping to Take Mustache Ride to 7-9
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 23rd 2008 3:30PM by Josh Alper (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, NFC WestIt may be another losing season for the San Francisco 49ers, but you can’t say they didn’t try to shake things up. They fired Mike Nolan and replaced him with Mike Singletary, who tried to fire up his charges by benching them and showing them his hindquarters. And, now, the entire team is growing mustaches in advance of Sunday’s season finale with the Redskins.

Actually, the reason for the follicle fervor isn’t about getting a victory. The 49ers are holding an 80s throwback game and are extending the fun to 80s throwback facial hair. The idea came from the offensive line, who were inspired by photos of 80s stars like Randy Cross, John Ayers and Ray Wersching.

Quarterback Shaun Hill, brooding after his three interceptions against the Rams, said he came to work Monday and was inspired by the burgeoning lip neighbors his teammates were sporting.
“The only stat that matters is the stat at the end of the game, and we won that stat,” Hill said. “So, I woke up very happy about that and to walk into work today and see all the glorious mustaches, I mean that just brightens your day.”

Hill’s favorite is kicker Joe Nedney’s. Hill described it as a “garage full of broom bristles.”Alas, their 6-9 record provides a reminder that it was more than mustaches that made the 80’s Niners football royalty. Should still be a lot of fun, though.

Jim Zorn Assumes Fetal Position, Uses It as Coaching Tool
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 3:15PM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, Redskins, NFC East, NFC West, NFL Fans, NFL CoachingNow that the Redskins have officially been eliminated from the playoffs, Sunday’s matchup against the 49ers is more 2009 preseason game than 2008 regular-season finale. San Francisco interim head coach Mike Singletary has probably earned the full-time gig after going 4-4 since taking over for Mike Nolan back in Week 7.

Washington rookie coach Jim Zorn started 6-2, and nearly two months later, is sitting at 8-7. Things got so bad that rumors surfaced that his job might be in jeopardy, and after last week’s loss to the Bengals, he called himself the “worst coach in America.”

But for as different as Singletary and Zorn seem, they’re both young head coaches trying to win football games. And they both have interesting ways to motivate their teams. Singletary’s halftime trou-dropping episode is well documented, and the Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg gives us a glimpse behind Zorn’s proverbial coaching curtain.Continue Reading

Ref Garth DeFelice Tackles St. Louis Rams’ Kenneth Darby
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 6:19PM by Michael David Smith (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, Rams, NFL VideoDuring today’s Rams-49ers game, St. Louis running back Kenneth Darby was tackled by Garth DeFelice:

No, DeFelice doesn’t play for the 49ers, he was the umpire in the game. But with Darby coming at him, DeFelice delivered a forearm shiver, reminiscent of the hit that umpire Wilbur Hackett Jr., put on South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia in October.

The official play-by-play at NFL.com says 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis made the tackle. That, however, is not what happened.

‘Geeked Up’ Shaun Hill Convinces Mike Singletary to Leave Him In, Leads Comeback
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 11:05AM by Adam Gretz (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, NFL CoachingJust about every time I checked in on the 49ers-Rams game yesterday — hey, I check in on all of the games — it looked like Shaun Hill was doing his best to throw the game away for San Francisco. For three quarters, that’s pretty much what he was doing as he completed just 10-of-21 passes, while throwing three interceptions, putting his team in a 16-3 hole in the fourth quarter.

Naturally, interim head coach Mike Singletary considered sending Hill to the bench, replacing him with J.T. O’Sullivan. Desperate times, I guess.

As Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote in his blog following the game, Hill was “geeked up” because he had friends and family in the stands, and he was having none of this benching nonsense. Apparently, he was “geeked up” enough to convince Singletary to leave him in the game, mostly because he had “the look in his eyes.”

I’m not sure what “the look” is, but whatever he had in his eyes, he finished the game completing 8 of his final 13 passes, including a pair of touchdowns in the games final four minutes, leading the 49ers to a 17-16 comeback win on the road.Continue Reading

Garth DeFelice Will Not Be Needing a Football Helmet for Protection, Thank You Very Much
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 11:15AM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, Rams, NFC West, NFL Fans, NFL Referees
During yesterday’s CBS Pregame Show, Charley Casserly’s wig made its usual appearance to discuss news from around the league. It was the typical fare: so-and-so is on the hot seat, whatshisname could get make bank this offseason, blah blah blah.

But then Casserly busted out this gem: in the wake of referee Jeff Triplette getting helped to his face during last week’s Bills-Jets game, there have been discussions about how to make officials safer as they wade through 22 muscle-bound meatheads for three hours every Sunday.

One possibility: equipping umpires (the poor souls who stand just behind the inside linebackers before the snap and are often target practice anytime the ball makes its way to the middle of the field) with helmets. Seriously. Casserly opines that either a baseball helmet (the two-ear-flap Mark Lemke special) or maybe even a football helmet could be part of the required uniform in 2009.


I get the whole safety issue because, well, a 250-pound, 20-something linebacker running through a 180-bound, 60-year-old accountant working his part-time gig can be pretty dangerous. But the thought of some old-timer lining up in a full-on officials uniform WITH a football helmet seems ridiculous. It’s hard enough to take them seriously when they’re just wearing a striped shirt and baseball pants. Adding a helmet probably won’t help.

Whatever comes of this, I’m guessing Garth DeFelice won’t be donning a helmet anytime soon. The photo above shows DeFelice Deebo-ing the Rams’ Kenneth Darby, and if you’re into the whole moving-pictures thing, here ya go:Continue Reading

Zebra Report: Controversy Swirls Once Again
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 16th 2008 2:00PM by Matt Snyder (author feed)
Filed under: 49ers, Bengals, Dolphins, Giants, Rams, Ravens, Redskins, Seahawks, Steelers, AFC East, AFC North, NFC East, NFC West, NFL Media Watch, Overpaid NFL Players, NFL RefereesWow, this was a long weekend to those who support the boys in stripes. That group may only consist of myself at this point, but I still do. Those people who like to call the officials “blind” — which, by the way, is incredibly uncreative and lame — or believe they are out to screw a team out of a game, really don’t have any idea what it takes to officiate at that level. Hell, I don’t. I do know what it’s like to be on the field and be a constant scapegoat for people who aren’t accountable for themselves and/or their favorite team.
Continue Reading

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